Kyle Rinaudo for State House 2020

A millennial, teacher, and native Georgian, Kyle Rinaudo is ready to bring fresh representation to District 35—Acworth and Kennesaw. 

Folks, let's face it: As we look at Georgia politics today, it's easy to see we're moving the wrong direction. Our current politicians seem more interested in passing bills that restrict women's rights, discriminate against the LGBT community, and cut funding from our public schools instead of helping our communities thrive. As a millennial, a teacher, and Acworth native, I know that our community deserves so much better. Our government should be investing in the schools, technology, medicine, and infrastructure that will lead us into the 21st Century. We should be preserving our environment, expanding voting rights, and fighting for solutions that will allow every Georgian to find a great job. In short, we've come to a generation ready to look to the future, but our current representatives are still stuck in the past. 

So in 2020, I've decided to do something about it. I'm running to represent Acworth and Kennesaw in the Georgia House of Representatives. 

The values my parents taught me—Kindness, courage, and service to others—are the hallmarks of our community here. In fact, they're the reasons that I'm still proud to call Acworth home. In 2020, I'm running to represent District 35 because I believe our government should reflect these same community values that we practice every day. 

My priorities in this election include cleaning up government, strengthening public education, and protecting the equal rights of all Georgians. Read more of our campaign's platform here or drop us a line to tell us what’s important to you. 

Hope to see you soon!

-Kyle Rinaudo

Election Day is Tuesday, May 19!

To find your polling place or make sure you're registered to vote, visit:

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Your Voice in the State House

As State Representative, Kyle Rinaudo will be your voice in the State House. 

Have an idea, a concern, or a solution for the future of Georgia? Tell Kyle about it and let's get to work. 

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Visit our Solutions page to learn more about Kyle's platform for the future of Acworth.

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