It's time to bring local government into the 21st Century.

Kyle believes that our representative's job is to fight for ideas and solutions that will move our community forward. It's time that Acworth and Kennesaw had the schools, technology, infrastructure, and business friendly attitude that will attract the next generation of employers and workers. These are Kyle's priorities to make that happen, but he wants to hear from you too. 

Do you have an idea, a concern, or a solution for the future of Georgia? Send Kyle a message about what's important to you here.  

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Kyle's Priorities


In 21st Century Georgia, we'll need to invest in the technology, education, and infrastructure that will attract the next generation of American workers. This starts by repealing HB 481 and ensuring that Georgia stays the best state in which to do business for decades to come. 


Kyle believes that all Georgians should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. He will work to expand Medicaid, protect women's access to reproductive healthcare, and increase access to mental health treatment options. 


Kyle believes that all Georgians, no matter how you look, who you love, or where you come from, deserve equal rights under the Constitution. It's time that Georgia government protects this simple truth in the State House. 


Kyle supports efforts to increase transit options and affordability for Cobb County, and lessen traffic times on Interstate 75. This is an investment in the future that will help our community thrive. 

Civic Participation

Participation in our democracy is an extraordinary civic opportunity afforded to all Americans. In the State House, Kyle will work to make it easier for Georgians to vote, not harder. 

Term Limits

Kyle believes that our government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people—not the career politicians. That's why he supports term limits for elected officials and he'll work to stop the gerrymandering of political districts.